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You can finally enjoy a conversation over an outdoor meal without swatting flies all the time. It is a light-weight, odor-free fan you place on top of your outdoor or picnic table to keep flies from dive-bombing your food. No more nasty, disgusting bugs crawling all over your sweet treats!


Aim to have a roach-free home, and if you can't get a pest control just yet, start with this roach trap boxes: a reusable trap where a feed trap powder is set and placed on a strategic area of the house. Watch them fall into these traps!


Keep your toilet sanitary clean with the aid of these colorful gel stamps, designed to automatically clean the toilet surface. Simply stamp on the upper area and it is set. Available in orange, lemon, sakura, lavender, and more.


These effervescent decontamination tablets dissolve and eliminate the waste generated by the smell of the washing machine, keeping the machine and pipe clean. To keep the washing machine clean, it is recommended to use one piece per month.


Weighting at only 0.75kg which is less than the weight of two ipad mini, this mop is no burden to move and use, makes easy to clean and work more flexible. The refillable bottle allows you to choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. Make sure that you clean the tank and sprayer when you have finished mopping with cleaning solution.


Their toughest formula against grease just yet! Cuts through tough baked on grease & food spills, and effectively cleans warm or cold ovens in in 5 minutes


Always discussed at Home Buddies, this is said to be an effective method of eliminating the existence of ants in your home. They come in pellet form but can be turned into powder.


This portable lint remover can efficiently clean up all kinds of pets like dog, cat fur from your sofas, clothes, couches, beds, carpets and more. You just need simply roll this pet hair roller back and forth on the desired surface to capture all pet hair. The sticky lint roller is reusable and washable.


Japan's number 1 cockroach trap is here! Very easy to use and super effective. Each box contains 5 traps which can last for 30 days. Does not contain pesticide or harmful materials. Usable in kitchens, bathroom, car, children's rooms, basement, warehouse, and just anywhere with cockroaches.


Made of plastic stainless steel, this high-quality, multi-functional cleaning gear can be used for both wet and dry spaces. Designed to remove dust, pet fur, hair, and even wipe the surface and window glass.


Designed to clean any surface inside or outside the car and home furniture. To use, just spray the surface you want to light on, the wipe it off with a clean cloth. No need for water anymore. Just spray it!


Visbella Jelly Cleaning Gel is a simple and convenient cleaning tool for keyboard, car dashboard, and other rugged surfaces such as the car vents, camera, printer, telephone, calculator, speaker, air conditioner, TV, and other appliances.

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