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The SWDK Mites Vacuum Cleaner can clean dusts and mites through 8000t/min high-frequency beats, 12000Pa suction power and UV light, portable and handy design can let you deeply clean baseboards, corners, and underneath furniture and stairs.


Built to last for emergency use, this Yoobao EN300 with the new design has a 220V AC input charger inside, so you do not need to carry a removable charger like other charging stations. Supports 12V input port, can even use the solar panel to recharge the battery for the charging station. Integrated multi-function LED let you illuminate and emit SOS signals.

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Yoobao Power Station


Never struggle with power during outages again. Yoobao's EN1 42000mAh PD fast charging power station has a large capacity inverter for outdoor use with LED backlight.

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