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The Air-O-Dry Portable Clothes Dryer is a portable and efficient dryer that dries your clothes within minutes. This space saving dryer is suitable for homes where space is limited. Now no more inconvenience of waiting for your clothes to dry when you can dry your clothes indoors and within minutes.


You can finally enjoy a conversation over an outdoor meal without swatting flies all the time. It is a light-weight, odor-free fan you place on top of your outdoor or picnic table to keep flies from dive-bombing your food. No more nasty, disgusting bugs crawling all over your sweet treats!


These effervescent decontamination tablets dissolve and eliminate the waste generated by the smell of the washing machine, keeping the machine and pipe clean. To keep the washing machine clean, it is recommended to use one piece per month.


The laundry hamper is a clever and high-quality assistant for making washing easier and quicker. Foldable with handle for easy storage and easy carry and it is also detachable with the velcro, which is easy to put on and take off.



The Storage vacuum-seal bags help create up to three times more storage space in the closet or under the bed. Made from multiple layers of polyethylene and nylon, the bags offer see-through visibility for finding items quickly, plus their durable design means they can be reused year after year.


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