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Enjoy your coffee for longer time! With only 16W low power consumption, sure it's energy saving even for long time use. With 4 anti-slipped pads to be steadily put on desk and table, durable smooth tempered glass surface, easy to use and clean. Suitable for ceramics, glass, stainless steel and other heat resistant containers.


The Folding Portable Insulated Bathtub for Adults can be used to relax, soak yourself in essential oil, salt bath with a glass of wine for a great experience.


The laundry hamper is a clever and high-quality assistant for making washing easier and quicker. Foldable with handle for easy storage and easy carry and it is also detachable with the velcro, which is easy to put on and take off.


Relive your FRIENDS experience by having this cute FRIENDS Peephole Frame!


This product is made of high borosilicate glass material. It is eco-friendly and can be used to store your food. From your favorite spices to your pasta and cereals, we got you covered.


Always discussed at Home Buddies, this is said to be an effective method of eliminating the existence of ants in your home. They come in pellet form but can be turned into powder.


This portable lint remover can efficiently clean up all kinds of pets like dog, cat fur from your sofas, clothes, couches, beds, carpets and more. You just need simply roll this pet hair roller back and forth on the desired surface to capture all pet hair. The sticky lint roller is reusable and washable.



Japan's number 1 cockroach trap is here! Very easy to use and super effective. Each box contains 5 traps which can last for 30 days. Does not contain pesticide or harmful materials. Usable in kitchens, bathroom, car, children's rooms, basement, warehouse, and just anywhere with cockroaches.


Currently being a huge trending hit in the Philippines because of Home Buddies Group, Irish Spring, contrary to its use as a deodorant soap, is being hoarded as an air freshener. Irish Spring Original bar soap delivers the original gentle and caring formula you love, with a fresh and clean scent to leave you refreshed.

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